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How we communicate has completely changed. Work is increasingly flexible, dynamic and invariably interactive. Reducing distances via efficient and instantaneous communications is a must.

Our job is to make the exchange of information as simple as possible and the communication flow fluid and natural, by choosing the right platform and the most intuitive system, as well as the best device to suit your budget.

Sharing images, data and information, compatibility between different systems, clear audio, elimination of cables, corporate communications or a wow effect!
These are just some of the needs that our clients – CIOs, facility managers, marketing managers, HR managers, designers or engineers – face every day.

Some want an immersive experience. Others just need to share information simply. What is important is to be able do this naturally and without barriers.

Our twenty-year experience in the design and implementation of videoconferencing systems in Italy and worldwide and the continual evolution of new solutions (from traditional infrastructure to the cloud) means we can offer expert advice depending on your technological and economic requirements.

Why AYNO? Because we work with videoconferencing all day and can recognize the details that make the difference.