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Room videoconferencing
We make videoconferencing as easy as meeting in a room

For today’s businesses a meeting room equipped with technologies to support the latest working methods is mandatory and more affordable than ever.
In the age of Workplace Transformation, collaboration spaces and innovative work tools must necessarily meet the demands of smart workers. Video meeting rooms have become an essential requirement for information sharing, brainstorming and taking vital decisions to make companies ready for success.

We make videoconferencing as easy as meeting in a room
Visual comfort, acoustics and simplicity

When we speak about videoconferencing, we are also referring to a comfortable visual and acoustic experience and ease of use for all the participants.
Natural and spontaneous communications via systems that deliver audio and video quality beyond compare is the goal of the provider of workspace technology.
Ayno sees its task as to listen to each customer and design and build the best possible solution within the given budget.

Visual comfort, acoustics and simplicity

PC clients also have their correspondent in meeting rooms.

All are connected to the cloud but in the meeting rooms the systems are simplified, generally managed by a user frindly touch panel.

Nowadays devices are affordable, very advanced and ready to be connected to many types of terminals and transmission protocols.

There is a wide range of devices, many are automatic and guarantee a stress-free experience. Their footprint is very small and they find space in every room that you will use for video conferences.

Contact us, we will help you design your meeting room.

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