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Digital Signage
Inform, inspire and greet your guests


Business communication is changing and it is increasingly important to capture people’s attention via screens.

Dialogue and information sharing with employees is an opportunity to turn them into proud brand ambassadors. Communicating with customers through a fluid flow of moving images strategically positioned in reception areas or corridors is the best way to engage with them and build synergy.

Video walls and digital signage have become mandatory for continually evolving companies.

Inform, inspire and greet your guests
Our solutions

The content used in digital signage applications can range from simple text to static images, through to full video with or without sound. Providing information and enhanced by advertising, all content is handled rapidly and efficiently by centrally managed applications.

Our solutions:

  • Medium and large format video walls with increasingly frameless screens
  • Installations designed to harmonize with the environment and destination spaces
  • High quality and reliability of the products
  • Scalability into the future
  • Available for rental
Our solutions
The Cloud service

Ayno Videoconferenze offers a digital signage cloud service, for those companies that do not intend to directly manage the platform.

The service includes:

  • The software platform for display and content management;
  • The division of the entire park into several logical groups;
  • Differentiated programming for groups of displays;
  • Management and maintenance of the centralized cloud server platform;
  • The autonomous or assisted management of the distribution and organization of the contents themselves.
The Cloud service