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Building standards
People-centric technology

In the era of mobility and smartworking, where physical and digital workplaces combine to improve performance and productivity the key concept is the User Experience.
Coherent and standardized technologies are vital to guarantee a simple and appealing user experience.
This is the age of the workplace transformation.
Open spaces, meeting rooms, phone booths or lounge rooms are all venues where people meet to brainstorm, dialogue and reach important decisions. Collaboration has become crucial.
The technology only serves to support and improve the experience and should not become the protagonist.

Intuitive, simple technological systems standardized for each venue have become essential.

People-centric technology
Our solutions

Smart spaces are those that achieve a correct balance between people, rooms and technology.

The need is for uniform spaces, ready on the spur of the moment for a scheduled meeting, an important call, a sudden meeting or videoconference.
This means adopting standard designs for all workplaces, whether they are on the same floor, in the same building or in different ones, in Italy or overseas.Coherent planning for large corporations usually means creating a catalogue of customer-centric solutions.

We offer:

  • Design of standardized and coherent spaces
  • Standardized systems and UX alignment
  • Creating and continually updating catalogues of room models
  • Management and realization of complex projects in one building and in several sites
  • Project management
  • Systems support and maintenance
  • Adoption plans
Our solutions