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Audioconferencing, a daily need

Meeting at a distance does not necessarily require a video component. Audio remains the most important element and must be good quality and acoustically pleasing.
In many closed spaces the acoustic conditions are far from satisfactory, making a conference call an uncomfortable, if not actually annoying experience, reflecting badly on your reputation.
The people should be able to talk as naturally as possible even at a distance.



Tools and technologies to support audio collaboration

An audioconference can have a varying number of participants, but the quality of the spoken voice and the audio should not suffer variation.
That is why AYNO offers technologies ranging from Polycom Trio and SoundStation to various Jabra products, through to Polycom’s SoundStructure which guarantees very high audio quality even in the largest spaces.

Sound masking to eliminate acoustic disturbance

Tapping on keyboards. Mouse clicks. Noisy air conditioners. These are all background noises which we do not notice every day but which can be a real nuisance during a meeting.
Sound masking techniques cut out unwanted sounds to ensure only the very best audio in your meetings.