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You focus on your business targets, and leave the technology up to us!

Videoconferencing platforms and meeting room audio and video look like two completely separate worlds. In reality they have many things in common, in particular the reliability of technology and simplicity of use.

Over twenty years we have developed the skills in both areas to be able to listen to your needs and provide you with the best technology roadmap for effective collaboration in your workspaces.

Our team can analyze your requirements and design an integrated solution that best meets your business goals.

We provide expert infrastructure engineers who can recommend the interoperability solutions best suited to your company’s internal and external communications and technicians who can suggest the best microphones and amplification for your meeting rooms. We look after the hundreds of endpoints as well as the look and feel of the room, together with interior designers of your choice. We use expert audio and video designers who will examine your needs together with your stakeholders and realize dedicated and certified projects.

We guarantee the continuity of business processes, ergonomic solutions and simplicity of use.


Global standards for seamless interaction

The way we work and communicate is continually evolving. New video communications software and solutions are emerging every day from all around the world.

Our neutral standpoint with respect to the vendors allows us to take an impartial view of the market and advise you on the best solution for the success of your business.

As partners of the main videoconferencing solution providers, we always have an innovative and forward-looking vision.

Whether Microsoft, Cisco, Polycom or Zoom, our goal is to deliver the transformation that works best for your teams, in whatever form: huddle rooms, personal videoconferencing, boardrooms, auditoriums, educational rooms.


Collaboration without constraints.

Companies that want to update their videoconferencing systems today find themselves facing a real challenge in choosing the right solution and making the best investment.

Interoperability is a solution for those firms who don’t wish to completely overhaul their systems, but do want to open their communications to new, not directly compatible, technologies.

Interoperability solutions let you use your existing devices to connect with the outside world.


Audio-video over IP for performance and security.

The integration of networks with traditional IT services is opening up new opportunities for innovation, flexibility and scalability in AV. Audio-video over IP offers unlimited possibilities for communication and collaboration. IP control and monitoring guarantees effective and efficient remote support.

Exploiting these technologies – without altering your core business services and security policies – requires a thoroughgoing understanding of corporate networks. Our specialists work with your IT team to walk you through from the initial design stage to implementation and testing.

We adhere strictly to best practices in security, data routing and service integration.


La condivisione che fa la forza!

Indipendentemente dal Vendor, forniamo una consulenza imparziale per aiutarti a sviluppare la tua strategia per ogni spazio di lavoro.

Riunisci le persone giuste al momento giusto per prendere velocemente le giuste decisioni.

Le aziende che oggi vogliono aggiornare i propri sistemi di videoconferenza e collaborazione si trovano ad affrontare una sfida reale, legata alla scelta della soluzione giusta per un investimento opportuno.

L’interoperabilità può diventare la soluzione più adeguata per quelle aziende che non vogliono rinnovare completamente i propri sistemi e necessitano di aprire le proprie comunicazioni a tecnologie non direttamente compatibili.

Grazie alle soluzioni di interoperabilità ti permettiamo di utilizzare i dispositivi che hai già acquistato per collegare sistemi diversi.