System Integration

Anyo Videoconferenze assists its Clients in itheir choice of solution, system design, installation and maintenance.

Service and maintenance

Ayno offers its Clients a total servicing and quality package: replacement systems can be installed within 36 hours.

International projects

Italy is present abroad in many production, trade and policy contexts, but it could strengthen its presence. And it could be there every day...

Public Videoconferencing Room Service

The Rome and Milan Ayno offices and thousands of branches in the world are ready to connect you in high definition. And between Rome and Milan, in...

Conference Call

The conference call is an effective, immediate and economical working method. To connect a number of telephones you need the....

Multipoint Videoconferencing Service

The Multipoint Videoconference service enables simultaneous connections between three or more locations thanks to a management system called MCU.