Conference Call


The audioconference is one of the most effective, immediate and economical working methods.

In order to connect a number of telephone receivers one requires a connection to a multi-audioconference unit (Bridge Audio).


Everyone will call or be called by the bridge and will find themselves talking all together as if they were in the same room. There are many applications, just imagine a connection between mobile phones or between many meeting phones.

Security is complete: the conversation "rooms" can be protected by password or PIN.

The conference calls can last hours, but also just a few minutes, the important thing is that the service is easy to activate, the connection quality is good and the group terminals (meeting phones) involved are of the highest quality.

Since 2002 Ayno Videoconferenze has offered the following services:

• By booking (per minute fee)
• Through subscription with “Easy Bridging” (prepaid hours)