International projects

For over ten years Ayno has taken care to supply Italian companies with support in connecting their foreign branches by providing equipment, services and consultancy worldwide. Together with our clients we have solved customs, embargo, payment, language and time zone issues.

A company working abroad needs a partner for videoconference connections and Ayno is the unique interface for all stages of the project, from its inception to its delivery and maintenance. If, for example, you wished to verify the meeting room in your office in Malaysia, Ayno will send its own specialised local representative, who will make sure that your office over there is appropriately connected without surprises or inefficiencies.

Features of the International Projects service:

- Definition of the communication requirements

- Verification of the design of the global network architecture

- Definition of the systems to be installed at the various branches

- Coordination of the installations in all foreign offices

- International functionality testing

- Coordination of international maintenance

Ayno has built up its own network of selected international partners, but what's more since 2011 it has been  the Italian member of the Global Presence Alliance (GPA), an organisation that combines international specialists from the audio-video, videoconferencing and telepresence industry that undertake to share best practices and guarantee the highest quality and experience for clients worldwide.

Our presence is therefore assured and guaranteed the world over.

Amsterdam, February 2018



The globalisation of Italian companies

Italy is present abroad in many production, trade and political contexts, but it could strengthen its presence. And it could be there every  day.

Videoconference or telepresence systems help you to keep a close eye on your production plant in the Far East, to communicate with the Call Center staff in Eastern Europe, to collaborate side by side with an affiliated South American company. And it's hardly surprising nowadays if even diplomatic missions use videoconference systems.

Ayno helps Italian companies and organisations to work worldwide: for ten years it has been handling international projects with a solid and very widespread network. Let us build a platform with you to launch your world presence.